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DMK signature Enzyme Masque #1 _Why_ How

DMK Facial level 1

Enzyme therapy is our  signature treatment that is amazing for  just about  all skin types! This treatment helps to rebuild healthy skin from the inside out . It has multiple long lasting effects on and within the skin. DMK enzyme 1 oxygenates detoxifies and revises the skin to function as a young, healthy skin does and should



Therapist Giving Laser Epilation Treatme

IPL Hair Removal 

whats waxing ! and who shaves now? MEN no more bloody ingrown and shaving rash IPL is a god sent for removing the unwanted body fluff and fur! we consult and charge per area however we can combine areas such as back and button at a discounted rate legs front are considered 1 are up to the thighs.facial HR small areas can be $50 per area depending where we are treating it is best and most common to combine ares you will be retreated every 3-4weeks and usually we need a course of 6 but if you do not se results within the first session we offer a full money back guarantee as we know our machine is kick ass with an above average cooler system, :)


$99 Per Area

Woman Teeth Before and After Whitening.

Teeth whitening

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Hair Styling

Curls, waves and straightening styles. Please know price will add up from $10 extra depending on length and thickness of the hair.


$45+ GST

Hardware cosmetology. Body care. Spa tre

Fat Cavitation + Vaccume Lipo Suction

Body treatments, suitable for the person who has stubborn fat deposits and excess skin. Wanting to reduce and finally rid the body of the unwanted adipose (fat). With  the added benefit of removing  toxins from the body!. This custom body sculpting session we combine machines - performing post fat cav, light therapy, Radio Frequency skin tightening  or vacuums lipo suction. depending on your personal desired results we may also do a thermal stimulating body mask wrap 



Permanent makeup. Permanent tattooing of


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Neutral makeup

Neutral  is suitable for those wanting their makeup to look like skin and just enough depending on the occasion. You will also get complementary lashes and please let me know if you are wanting more on the day.


$75 + GST

_nayachapman  💋treatment mask bringing

Custom Facial

Level 1

Ever seen beauty salons facial menus and been completely confused at what you need? you just know what you want to achieve with your personal skin goals? the custom farals are perfect for you to facet in the therapist to do as the skin needs per session. these facials may include the following ; exfoliation methods of peels, pre exfoliation, manual exfoliants, hydromicrodermabrasions, steam exfoliation, lymphatic brush cleanse, manual extractions, make for reconditioning and rebalancing the skin. 7 types of LED light therapy on the OMNI-LUX machine, serums , infusion and protection tailored cremes applied.



Injections of the lips. Correction form


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Glam Makeup

Glam makeup includes smokey eyes, structured contouring, cut creasing, glitter and complementary eyelashes. 


$90+ GST

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